Many supplies are not easily available or are costly in Belize.  We greatly appreciate any assistance with purchasing and/or carrying down the following much needed supplies:

Solid State Drives

-Tablets with keyboard: Nextbook Flex 10.1 at Walmart ($99) or Amazon ($124)

-Cases for the Nextbook Flexx 10.1 at Walmart $15 or $14
– Motivational wall posters like this set  or like this set
– Exercise equipment (for athletic bootcamp PE. class)
– Head phones
– Speakers for laptops
– Web cams
– Flash drives
-Thank you cards
– Self-sealing letter-sized envelopes
– Name tags
– Printer
– Projectors (we have Epsom right now but any kind is fine)
– Art Supplies, Cooking Supplies
– Computer paper 8.5″x11″
– Laminating sheets 8.5″x11″